Fantasy Contests


Turn-Key Regulated Solution

Mile High Fantasy Contests is the first daily fantasy skill-based solution approved by gaming regulators in the United States. Mile High provides proprietary content furnished by its content provider, USFantasy Sports, using the regulated pari-mutuel systems, which currently operate in forty-three states. Mile High Fantasy Sports is the only Daily Fantasy Sports pari-mutuel platform available to persons within Colorado.   Mile High provides several daily and weekly contests in varying categories allowing individuals to enter the contests by paying participation fees on who they think will be the top statistical scoring performers. All fees are placed in a pari-mutuel group and paid out after the final game in each contest.

Mile High’s content provider, USFantasy Sports, offers its platform and its unique ability to develop contests for any jurisdiction which can include casinos, racetracks, OTB’s, ADW's and mobile systems. USFantasy Sports’ efforts are designed to provide state governments with a regulated solution to oversee fantasy sports, while generating revenues from its operations. USFantasy is currently working with several different state gaming jurisdictions to offer our Daily Fantasy Sports solution.

The American Gaming Association has conservatively estimated that close to $150 billion is wagered illegally annually on sports. A clear opportunity exists to satisfy the consumer demand for sports contest entertainment through skilled-based fantasy contests. The USFantasy Sports platform provides consumer protections through transparent proven pari-mutuel systems, while preserving the integrity of the actual sporting events.

Pari-mutuel Systems

Pari-mutuel, translated from its French origin, literally means a contest “amongst ourselves.”

Unlike “house” banked games typical in casinos or salary caps and handicaps determined by fantasy sports providers, pari-mutuel systems allow the fantasy sports contestants to determine pricing and the freedom to play contests per their expertise: from easy to difficult.

Pari-mutuel systems sort contests of a type to be pooled into a virtual “auction,” where contestants transparently determine the pricing of athletes in the contests.

Taxes and operating expenses are reserved and then contestant payoffs are calculated by dividing the net pool amongst all winning contestants. The pools are consistently updated and presented to the contestants in real-time. Final payout odds can fluctuate until the contest is closed at the beginning of the first sporting event.


WIN/PLACE/SHOW and pari-mutuel sports wagers pay out 90% of all contest entry fees. The commission, or take-out, rate is 10%.

The EXACTA and DALY DOUBLE commission rate is 11%.

The TRIFECTA and PICK-3 commission rate is 12%.

The SUPERFECTA and PICK 4-7 commission rate is 15%.

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